Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync Review

We greatly depend on bookmarks these days that congregating scattered collections seemed so imminent. With manual import/export being so yesterday, discover from Xmarks bookmark and password sync review how it merges bookmarks effortlessly for FREE!

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Dear Avid Bookmarkers,

Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync Review

Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync Review

Though Xmarks doesn’t shine as much as the feature- and platform-rich BookmarkSync; there’re plenty of functionalities in Xmarks that makes itself an awesome cross-platform syncing solution.

Seamless Bookmark Access

Imagine the pages that you frenziedly bookmarked on different browsers – Firefox3+, IE7+, Safari 4+ and Chrome can all be accessed from one single location. You simply signup for Xmark account and install the application on every machines with bookmarks you intend to sync except that it’s a plug-in within Firefox.

Within your my.xmarks.com account, create as many profiles and discreetly group relevant folders/links from the master bookmarks list respectively. Just like playlists, assigning desired profile to a machine will reflect your chosen preset bookmarks. Even in computers without Xmarks installed, you can still access the bookmarks from my.xmarks.com. Besides allowing backup/restore of bookmarks 3 months back, anytime you decide to share specific profile, Xmarks will generate RSS feed and Webpage URLs for easy distribution.

One Password, Multiple Access

Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync Review 2

While previously this feature parks within Xmarks, it’s finally break free from platform limitation and emerged with IE6+, Firefox2+, Chrome18+, Safari5+ and Opera11+ support under lastpass.com. Whereas existing Xmarks user can simply do a 2-minute database migration, you can create new account here with email address and master password and install the app on each machine.

Upon logging in, each site that you accessed with username and password will be encrypted and memorized when you choose to save the site and further assigned different identities akin to profiles in Xmarks. The next time you login to saved sites from anywhere, simply activate LastPass with master password beforehand to bypass manual login which prevent phishing and key logger attempts.

Even when accessing from public computers, LastPass protects you by granting activation with onetime password which you can pre-generate within your account. Smart and neat, don’t you think?

How To Sync Firefox Bookmarks with Ipad 3

As Firefox brings great browsing versatility on computers, you tend to keep many useful bookmarks with them. But with iPad being your mobile companion, keeping your resourceful bookmarks in-sync is definitely a no-brainer but how?

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How To Sync Firefox Bookmarks with Ipad 3

Firefox isn’t only revered for fast browsing experience, but its instrumental plug-ins such as Xmarks which seamlessly integrates bookmarks from multiple browsers also makes it a cross-platform friendly alternative. So let’s get started!

Setting Up

1. Fire up Firefox to download and install Xmarks Sync from Add-ons Manager.

How to Sync Firefox Bookmarks with Ipad 3

2. When prompted with Xmarks Login screen, create a new account by entering username, password and email address.

3. We recommend configuring Setup Wizard by choosing enable synchronization of open tabs and enable synchronization of browser history. Other automatically selected options are Smarter Search, Site Info and Site Tags and Ratings.

Syncing Firefox Bookmarks

1. If you don’t see the Xmarks icon after installation, just display Add-on Bar and click Xmarks icon at the bottom-right corner of Firefox.

2. First time syncing will be automated to Xmarks server.

3. Now login to your My Xmarks account from Profiles tab with your username or email and password. Alternatively, you can logon from the my.xmarks.com webpage.

4. Create the necessary Profiles to discreetly group relevant folders and links from your master Bookmarks Folder list.

How to Sync Firefox Bookmarks with Ipad 3 - profile

Bridging The Gap

1. Now if you’ve ever notice, your iPad syncing option only provides IE or Safari. To reflect Firefox Bookmarks in iPad, you should download and install Xmarks in IE/Safari with same account.

2. In Setup Wizard, select Yes: Log me in. If Xmarks window disappears, simply click Xmarks for IE from taskbar.

3. Click Sync profiles… and change to desired Firefox Profiles to reflect in IE.

How to Sync Firefox Bookmarks with Ipad 3 - syncing

Syncing To iPad Safari

1. Connect iPad to computer to activate iTunes.

2. Select your iPad under Device and click Info tab.

3. In Other section, select Sync bookmarks with Internet Explorer then Apply.

4. Your iPad Bookmarks will now reflect Firefox Bookmarks.

How to Sync Firefox Bookmarks with Ipad 3 - iTunes

We hope Xmarks solves your hassle on how to sync Firefox Bookmarks with iPad 3. Enjoy!